Introduction To Dream Interpreting

Dreams can be scary and at times disturbing to your daily life. The unusual details may often shake our constitution making our only time of rest from our already hectic lives uneasy.

In truth is that our dreams are the only way that our subconscious mind can communicate with us, giving us clues to some of the hidden ways we betray our goals unknowingly. By analyzing dreams we can get a just a little closer to working out underlying barriers that prevent us from being the people that we want to be overcoming damaging patterns, insecurities, jealousy, our past fears and complete discord with our existance.

We, ourselves, can unlock the secret to shed some light on a real foreseeable future. Interpreting dreams correctly depends on your ability to:

1) Remember the dream and it's details.
2) Appropriately understand what the people and symbols represent in the dream.
3) Put all the pieces and possibilities together to understand the message you are receiving from your subconscious mind.

You must also keep in mind that dream symbols often have several different meanings, but in each dream you are only receiving one meaning for the symbol. Depending on your current situation, you must determine which one it may be. However, still consider the other meanings. The subconscious is always trying to find new ways of communicating with you. This is why often we will have dreams about recent activities. The mind has new information to translate it's message.

Keep a pad and pen by your bed, so as soon as you wake you can jot down any symbols or story flows you may remember. Saying things out loud my help to jog your memory further. The more you recall the dream, the clearer the series of events become. Try to recall every little detail you can. This will make the interpretation all the more easier for you.  This is the key to dream interpretation.